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Tospo enjoys a superior location and convenient transportation, situated in the middle of Zhejiang Province, near three major highways in the south east of China; it is about 3.5 hours drive to Shanghai and 1.5 hours to Hangzhou. In addition, Hengdian is just a short distance to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Yiwu Airport, Shanghai Port, and Ningbo Port.

Tospo lighting is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Hengdian Group, The Hengdian group operates in three main industries, Electronics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical and the Film and Entertainment industry. With an annual turnover in excess of 5.4billion US dollars. In 1997, Tospo lighting was launched with a vision geared towards energy savings and environmental protection in lighting.

Currently,Tospo has more than 5000 employees, with 4 main products portfolios, CFL and LED bulbs and indoor application, lighting electronics,and outdoor luminaires. Tospo’s annual output includes 300 million pieces energy-saving lamps, 15 million sets of LED lighting products, 12 million piece s electronic ballasts, 1 million sets of outdoor luminaire, as well as the professional PCBA processing capacity. Because of high quality products, high integrity, rapid development of new products and huge potential, Tospo’s products are selling well around the world and enjoy an excellent reputation

At present, Tospo operates 6 manufacturing facilities, which are spread out over an area of over 620 acres, 360,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities. The three facilities in Hengdian focus on CFL, LED bulbs and indoor application and outdoor luminaire manufacturing, while the three facilities in inland provinces are engaged in automatic CFL tube production, PCBA processing and CFL assembly. Let’s review the four main product categories that Tospo has developed.

Tospo is fully vertically integrated in CFL manufacture. We possess a stable rare-earth supply chain and the most advanced automatic spiral tube production line. We go from the glass oven, to automatic transparent tube production, to automatic tube bending, to high speed tube exhausting. Our annual output is now over 120million pcs spiral tubes. Tospo has over 15 years of CFL assembly experience using advanced automatic machinery, offering competitive, high efficiency and superior quality products to worldwide clients.

LED Bulbs and Indoor Applications
Tospo has adopted the LEAN manufacturing concept for LED’ and related products, our professional manufacturing facilities include hundred thousand grade purification workshop, automatic insertion equipment, SMT equipment, ESD and constant temperature assembly workshop, Our quality control systems are augmented by the professional 6 Sigma quality control tools.

Current LED bulbs include LED spot lights, LED reflectors, LED decorative bulbs. LED indoor applications include LED down lights kits and LED tubes. Tospo is a proud member of ZHAGA, to keep pace with international lighting company.

Lighting Electronics
Tospo has over 15 years of experience in lighting electronics manufacturing. Current products include T2, T5, T8, T12 fluorescent lamps electronic ballast, Plug-in, circular lamps electronic ballasts, inverters, LED bulbs and indoor application drivers. TOSPO has mature lighting electronics products manufacture capabilities, offering a strong expertise for assuring product support to future LED luminaire products.

Outdoor Luminaire
Tospo’s recently built a state of the art automated facility for the manufacture of outdoor luminaires and steel poles. Our outdoor luminaire category line ranges from street lighting, flood lighting, high bays, wall washers to garden lighting. Products are currently exported to Australia, Korea, Japan, North America and the Europe Tospo has invested in a full range of outdoor luminaire testing equipment and facilities.

The map below displays our branches in China.

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